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Packing Tips

Before you start running around the site haphazardly pulling and push things into boxes we at Indian Relocation packers and Logistic make the process of packing and moving smooth for you through our thoroughly revised list of tips for handling, packing and storing of your goods. We through our experience give you these tips for you to avoid beginner mistakes and regretfully leave behind or damage goods in the process of relocating. It is essential to follow these guidelines to brig ease in your shifting process and also make the transition comfortable.Call Us At 9929798098

Decide on your moving company in advance and after grave research on their performance. Purchase insurance coverage without fail on all movables. Keep a through inventory list of all items you pack and move. If storage is a criterion opt for a clean and secure warehousing facility. Keep a file on all movables and document every product. Pack items of need last so they will be available first on opening.Call Us At 9929798098

Excessively unnecessary items should be done away with to reduce the bulk and packing hassle. Pack fragile items in bubble wraps and keep them separate from other boxes. Use boxes of proportionate sizes for items and avoid over stuffing in any case. Plates and record albums should be packed on end vertically, rather than placed flat and stacked. Glass frames and paintings should be swaddled in sheets to avoid scratches. Make sure all boxes are labeled and color coded to avoid confusion while rearranging.Call Us At 9929798098

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